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William John MacMillan

My name is John MacMillan and I have been researching my family history for many years. I live in Leyland, Lancashire, England, which is approximately 120 miles south from the scottish borders from where my paternal ancestors came from.

My direct ancestors moved down from Scotland and into England during the early 1900s and I would welcome any information about the MacMillans and associated families from the Dumfriesshire and Kirkcudbrightshire areas of Scotland. Any information given will be credited to the contributor.

My mother and my maternal ancestors came from Cornwall.

Over this time I have gathered quite a lot of information which I am happy to share with fellow MacMillans and researchers.

The MacMillan Family History Archive is completely non-profit-making and is managed by John MacMillan. The information on the site is copyright protected, but may be copied and used for your own personal research. If you pass the information on to others, then you must include the source of the information. The information may not be sold or be part of any product that is sold without the written permission of the author, John MacMillan.

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MacMillan Cross

MacMillan Cross

MacMillan's Cross, Kilmory Knap Chapel, Knapdale, Scotland.