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Upperby Cemetery

  • Bell - 08
  • Clementson - 03 - 04 - 05
  • Irving - 01
  • Mills - 07
  • Tweedie - 02
  • Walker - 06

01. In Memory of George Irving, died 27th Sept 1949, age 81yrs.. Also Mary, his wife, died 18th May 1940, age 72yrs..

02. In Loving Memory of William K. Tweedie, died 12th Sept 1973, age 42yrs..

03. In Loving Memory of Thomas James Clementson, 4 Boreland Avenue, Botcherby, who died 21st Aug 1946, age 87yrs.. Also Sarah Ellen Clementson, his beloved wife, who died 7th Dec 1948, age 88yrs..

04. In Gracious Memory of Richard Ernest Clementson, who died 30th March 1952.. Also Mary, his beloved wife, who died 29th March 1977..

05. In Memory of Enid Salkeld Clementson, who died 30th Dec 1940, age 11yrs.. Also Robert George, her father, who died 13th Dec 1955.. Also his beloved wife Janette Margaret, who died 21st April 1985, age 84yrs..

06. In Loving Memory of a dear wife and mother Jane Walker, late of 103 Blackwell Road, who died 11th Dec 1952.. Also John Walker, her beloved husband, who died 20th Nov 1973, age 85yrs..

07. Treasured Memories of my dear husband Hugh (Bunty) McMillan Mills, who died 1st Dec 1949, age 40yrs..

08. In Loving Memory of our dear mother Alice Mary Bell, who died at 6 Lamb Street, Upperby, 28th June 1941 aged 64 years.. Also our dear father Robert Bell who died in Canada, 15th June 1935.. Also in memory of their eldest son William Robert who died 4th April 1978 aged 79 years..

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