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Cummertrees Cemetery (new)

  • Adam - 02
  • Alexander - 02
  • Beattie - 07
  • Brunskill - 05
  • Clark - 06
  • Douglas - 06
  • Dunn - 05
  • Frood - 02
  • Hastings - 06
  • Irving - 02
  • Jardine - 07
  • Lawrie - 01
  • McLean - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 07
  • McNeil - 07
  • Nicholson - 04

01. In Loving Memory of William James McLean, (late Headmaster of this Parish), dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Lawrie, died 18th January 1966, age 77yrs.. Also the above Elizabeth Lawrie, died 12th May 1972, age 81yrs.. Also their son Thomas Kirkpatrick McLean, died 27th March 1998, age 85yrs..  

02. In Loving Memory of Margaret Irving, wife of David McLean, died Rosebank, Cummertrees, 25 June 1911, age 75yrs.. Also David McLean, died there 16th Sept 1915, age 75yrs.. Also John Alexander, their son, died in infancy, July 1865.. Also Thomas Adam, their son, died Rosebank, 14th Aug 1924, age 51yrs.. Also his beloved wife Margaret Kennedy Frood, died 11th Dec 1967, age 89yrs..  

03. In Loving Memory of David William McLean, died at Powfoot, 23rd Nov 1895, age 30 yrs.. Also Agnes McLean, mother of the above who died at Shore Cottage, Powfoot, 24th Nov 1930, age 87yrs.. Also Jane McLean, daug of the above Agnes McLean, who died at Shore Cottage 2nd April 1947, age 76yrs..  

04. In Loving Memory of Helen Rae Nicholson, beloved wife of David McLean, died at Three Trees Road, Newbie, 24th Nov 1918, age 45yrs.. Elizabeth M.N. McLean, their daug, died at Newbie Barns, 1st March 1908, age 8yrs.. Benjamin N. McLean, their son, died at Three trees Road, 10th June 1912, age 7yrs.. Also the above David K. McLean, died at Drumcoltran Cottage, Kirkgunzeon, 3rd Oct 1946, age 75yrs.. Also Isabella Mary McLean, died 21st Sept 1989, age 84yrs..  

05. In Loving Memory of William Brunskill, died at Hoddam Mill, 15 Jan 1909, age 44yrs.. Also Christina, his wife, died Carlisle, 25th Feb 1945, age 76yrs.. Also James, son of the above, died Kinmount Lodge, 25th May 1904, age 1yr 9mths.. Also William, son of the above, died Hoddam Mill, 21st May 1907, age 6mths.. Also Richard, their beloved eldest son, died Carlisle, 23rd Nov 1968, age 75yrs.. Also their daughters Martha McLean, died 23rd July 1989, age 85yrs.. And Jean Dunn, died 2nd Feb 1995, age 85yrs..  

06. In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Clark, beloved wife of William Hastings, who died at Dumfries 19th Sept 1913, aged 31yrs.. Also their son George, died 22nd March 1958, aged 47yrs.. Also the above William Hastings,died 26th April 1959, aged 75yrs.. Also Isabella Douglas, beloved wife of the above William Hastings, who died 15th July 1967, aged 76yrs..  

07. In Loving Memory of James McLean, who died at Denbie Common, 23rd Dec 1894, aged 81yrs.. Also Mary Jane McNeil, wife of William George Rae McLean, who died at Hindgill, Dalton, 25th April 1907, aged 45yrs.. Also Helen, second daug of William G. R. McLean, and wife of David Jardine, who died at Dumfries Royal Infirmary, 28th Sept 1913, aged 24yrs.. Also the above William G. R. McLean, who died at Hindgill, 17th Jan 1920, aged 73yrs.. Also William G. R. McLean Beattie, his Grandson, who died in Infancy.. Also James, his second Son, who died at Whitecroft Mains, 16th Nov 1935, aged 42yrs.. Also Jane McLean, youngest daughter of the said William G. R. McLean, who died at Royal Infirmary, Dumfries, 26th Oct 1988, aged 90yrs..  

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