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Cummertrees Cemetery (old)

  • Bell - 08
  • Blaylock - 08
  • Chalmers - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13
  • Dickinson - 14
  • Douglas - 07
  • Fergusson - 04
  • Gardner - 01
  • Geddes - 03
  • Hair - 07
  • Irving - 07 - 14
  • Johnstone - 02
  • MacIntyre - 12
  • McLean - 01 - 02 - 03 - 14 - 15 - 16
  • Nicholson - 14
  • Pattie - 11
  • Robertson - 15
  • Roxburgh - 09
  • Smith - 03
  • Tweedie - 04 - 06 - 07 - 08
  • Twedell - 05
  • Walker - 15

01. Thomas McLean, died Powfoot, 29th March 1888, age 69yrs.. Also Elizabeth Gardner, daug, died at Monking Hall, July 1866, age 25yrs, and is intered in Inveresk Churchyard.. Also Thomas Edward McLean, his son who died 8th Oct 1881, age 20yrs..

02. In Memory of Jane, daug of Edward McLean, and Margaret Johnstone, who died at Woodhead of Murrythwait, 28th March 1843, age 6mths.. Also John, their son, died 21st July 1843, age 10yrs.. Also David McLean, their son, died at Annan, 4th April 1864, age 28yrs.. Also the above Margaret Johnstone, his wife, died there 12th Sept 1875, age 77yrs.. Also Edward A. McLean, son of the above David McLean, died at Annan, 2nd Oct 1882, age 20yrs..

03. In Memory of Agnes McLean, daug of David McLean, in Pyehills, died 30th Sept 1816, age 10mths.. Also Margaret McLean, died at Powfoot, 4th Dec 1828, age 15yrs.. And the above David McLean, died 6th June 1844, age 67yrs.. Also Janet Smith, his wife, died 2nd April 1860, age 84yrs.. And Margaret McLean, daug of Thomas McLean and Janet Geddes, who died at Powfoot, 20th May 1861, age 14yrs.. Also the above Janet Geddes, who died there, 16th Aug 1861, age 59yrs.. And Jane, their daug, died there 28th Aug 1868, age 9yrs.. Also John McLean, died 4th April 1876, age 21 yrs..

04. In Memory of Joseph Tweedie, in Milfield, who died 15th April 1811 age 44yrs.. Also Janet Fergusson, his wife, who died 19th Dec 1864 age 84yrs.. And Mary Tweedie, their daug, who died 4th Oct 1870, age 61yrs.. Also Janet, daug of the above, who died at Scotts Street, Annan, 1st June 1881, aged 75yrs..

05. Here lies William Twedell, son to John Twedell, in Back of Kerr, who died 8th April 1754, age 8yrs.. Also John Twedell, in Wintersough, who died 19th Oct 1799, age 75yrs.. Also Isabela his spouse, who died 10th Oct 1798, age 74yrs..

06. In Memory of Janet Tweedie, died 24th Nov 1840, age 3mths.. Also Jannet, died 21st June 1845, age 2yrs.. Also John, died 26th Dec 1854, age 6yrs.. Also Ann, died 28th Dec 1854 age 10yrs.. Also Jessie, died 28th Dec 1854, age 4yrs.. Also Mary, died 1st Jan 1855, age 2 yrs.. Also Jessie and Mary Ann, who died 7th Dec 1858, in infancy.. Also John, died 8th Nov 1863, age 6yrs.. Also Agnes, died 8th May 1869, age 22 yrs.. All the above sons and daughters of John Tweedie, Slater, Annan..

07. In Memory of Alexander Tweedie, who died at Dumfries, 11th April 1815, age 33yrs.. Also Mary Hair, his spouse, who died at Kellhead, 8th May 1837, age 53yrs.. And Evan Tweedie, their son, who died at Hoddom Castle, 3rd Nov 1848 age 36yrs.. Also David and Richard, his sons, who died in infancy.. And Jane Douglas, his niece, who died at Hoddom Mains, 26th July 1848, age 16yrs.. Also James, his son who died at Kellhead, 22nd July 1851, age 8yrs.. And David Tweedie, who died at Ecclefechan, 12th Nov 1860, age 50yrs.. Also Jane Irving, wife of Edward Tweedie, who died ?? Nov 1875, age 64yrs.. And ----- Irving, wife of David Tweedie, who died at Kellhead, 19th Dec 1876, age 7? yrs..

08. In Memory of Dinah Tweedie, daughter to Gilbert Tweedie, in Hitchillgate, who died 16th April 1814, age 9yrs.. And Jane Blaylock, his mother in law, who died at Hitchill, 24th June 1819, age 89yrs.. Also the said Gilbert Tweedie, died at Cummertrees, 25th Sept 1837, age 61yrs.. And Jane Bell, his spouse, who died there 15th Oct 1846, age 81yrs.. And Jane Tweedie, who died 5th Jan 1876, age 77yrs.. Also John Tweedie, who died 15th Feb 1877, age 70yrs..

09. In Memory of James Chalmers, Merchant, Annan, son of William Chalmers, Farmer in Backburn, died 28th May 1840, age 23yrs.. Also the above William Chalmers, who died 13th Jan 1846, age 75yrs.. Also Helen Roxburgh, his wife, who died 6th March 1856, age 84yrs..

10. In Memory of David Chalmers, who died at The Hannah, 14th Feb 1845, age 47yrs.. Also Janet, his daug who died 4th May 1843, age 7yrs.. Also Mary and Jean, who died in infancy.. Also their son John Chalmers, who died at Cummertrees Mill, 14th March 1849, age 20yrs.. Also son James who died at Cummertrees, 4th March 1852, age 14yrs..

11. In Memory of Thomas Chalmers, in Brock, who died 18th June 1832, age 59yrs.. And Janet Pattie, his wife, who died 24th Sep 1857, age 86yrs.. And Thomas, his son, who died 9th June 1833, age 33yrs.. Also his son James Chalmers, asst surgeon, RN, who died on board HMS Aetna off the coast of Morocco 4th April 1835, age 26yrs..

12. In Memory of John Chalmers, killed at Sebastopol, 18th June 1855, age 35yrs.. And Ann MacIntyre, his wife, who died at Barna on 9th Aug 1854, age 36yrs..

13. In Memory of James Chalmers, who died in Annan infirmary 5th June 1839, age 9mths.. Also Alexander Chalmers, Father, who died 14th Nov 1844, age 46yrs.. And Elizabeth, his daughter, who died 15th Oct 1844, age 7mths..

14. To the Memory of William McLean, in Hollybush, died 29th March 1817, age 57yrs.. Also Margaret McLean, his daug, died 4th Oct 1811, age 4 yrs.. Also James McLean, his son, died 28th Jan 1812, age 6yrs.. Also Janet Dickinson, his spouse, who died at Isle of Dalton, 1st Aug 1851, age 60yrs.. Also Edward, son of Edward McLean, in Backken, died 17th March 1859, age 8yrs.. Also William, Edward and Mary Jane, who all died in infancy.. (on reverse of stone) - In Memory of Janet Nicholson, spouse to Edward McLean, in Priestside, died 26th July 1765, age 33yrs.. Also the said Edward McLean, died 6th Sept 1780, age 57yrs..Also Jean Irving, his spouse, died 19th April 1807, age 61yrs..

15. In Memory of Elizabeth Walker, spouse to George McLean, in Greenmiln, died 2nd April 1765, age 48yrs.. Also John McLean, in Cummertrees, died 21st June 1850, age 78yrs.. Also Elizabeth Robertson, his wife, died 23rd Jan 1862, age 91yrs..

16. In Memory of Rachel, daug of William McLean, who died at Branteth, 14th July 1838, age 6yrs.. Also Helen, John, Jean and George McLean, who all died in infancy.. Also Jannet, died 15th April 1841, age 15yrs.. And the above William McLean, who died at Branteth, 2nd Sept 1841, age 46yrs..

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