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Ecclefechan Cemetery - Dumfriesshire - Scotland UK

01. In Memory of Jannet Clark, daug to John Clark in Butterdales, who died 2nd Aug 1773, age 8yrs.. In Memory of John Clark, of Butterdales, who died 21st March 1801, age 76yrs.. And Helen Potter, his spouse, who died 14th Nov 1808, age 83yrs.. Also John Clark, their son, who died 23rd March 1833, age 83yrs.. And Jannet Clark, his daug, who died 6th Nov 1830, age 51yrs.. Also William Clark, who died at Lowtherston, 1st June 1841, age 7 yrs..

02. In Memory of William Clark, who died at Annan, 13th April 1823, age 72yrs.. And Agnes Irving, his spouse, who died 17th May 1838, age 87yrs.. Also Adam and John, their sons, who died young.. And James Clark, their son, who died at Scotsfield, 24th Dec 1852, age 69yrs.. Also Mary Bell Steel, his wife, who died at Creca, 28th March 1859, age 71yrs.. Also Agnes Irving Clark, daug of James Clark, who died 31st Jan 1877, age 67yrs..

03. Here lyes James Clark, of Stabletownraw, who died 14th Jan 1777, age 62yrs.. Here lyes Richard Clark, son to James Clark, who died 1st Jan 1787, age 22 yrs.. Here lyes James Clark, son to James Clark, in Stabletounroo who died 8th Jan 1757, age 9mths.. Also James Clark, son to James Clark, who died 24th July 1762, age 4yrs 7mths..

04. In Memory of John Clark, Miller, of the windmill, Annan, who died 19th Dec 1829, age 80yrs.. And Mary Johnstone, his spouse, who died 3rd Jan 1834, age 80yrs.. Also Mary Kelly, wife of their son John Clark, in Annan, who died 17th July 1856, age 65yrs.. And John Clark, mariner, their son, who died at Bombay E.I. 21st July 1854, age 19yrs.. Also Robert Clark, their son, who died at Annan, 1st Jan 1858, age 26yrs.. And John Clark, his son, who died there 29th Jan 1858, age 17mths.. Also the above John Clark, who died at Annan, 30th Jan 1871, age 85yrs..

05. In Memory of William Jardine of Dornock, who died 15th July 1876, aged 75yrs.. And Mary Tweedie, his wife, who died 11th January 1876, aged 73 yers.. Also John Cron, their son, who died 15th May 1844, aged 3yrs.. And James, their son, who died 20th March 1862, age 28yrs.. Also Elizabeth Jardine, daugter of the above, who died at Dornock, 1st Feb 1909, age 71yrs..

06. In Memory of John Irving, Blacksmith who died at Ecclefechan, 11th November 1873 aged 56 years.. Also Mary Irving his daughter, who died at Bumley, 29th January 1884 aged 31 years.. Also Ellen Campbell his wife, who died 24th August 1892 aged 75 years.. Also Maggie his granddaughter and daughter of John Irving, who died 26th May 1897 aged 1 year.. Also William his son, who died at Glenzierhead, Canonbie 15th June 1908 aged 57 years..

07. Here lyes John Bell portioner of Stockbridge (gs), who dyed 21st February 1772 aged 71 years.. Also Elisabeth Bell his spouse, she died 15th March 1781 aged 83 years.. Here lyes John Bell son to John Bell portioner of Stockbridge, who died 17th July 1736 aged 18 weeks.. Alfo John Bell son to John Bell of Stockbridge, who died 12th April 1788 aged 51 years..

08. In Memory of William Bell fourth son of William Bell of Stockbridge, who died at Ladywell 19th December 1876 aged 52 years.. Also Walter John his son, who died there 12th January 1870 aged 8 months.. Also a child who died in infancy.. Also Janet his daughter, who died there 18th April 1879 aged 20 years.. Also Helen Johnston relick of the above William Bell who died ay Lockerbie 19th April 1882 aged 52 years..

09. In Loving Memory of Mary, daughter of William and Ellen Bell who died at Beech Grove, Annan, 9th January 1897 aged 19 years.. Also Helen daughter of the above, who died at Ecclefechan 4th October 1901 aged 23 years.. Also Christopher their son, who died there 29th August 1903 aged 20 years.. Also the above William Bell, who died there 24th January 1910 aged 66 years.. Also Helen Maxwell his beloved wife, who died at Dukes Cottage 23rd October 1922 aged 73 years..

10. In Memory of Janet, daughter of Walter Bell who died at Greenburn 3rd September 1866 aged 9 months.. Also Jane his daughter, who died at Hairgills 22nd July 1876 in infancy.. Also Agnes Johnstone wife of the above Walter Bell, who died at Hallguards 18th July 1903 aged 60 years.. Also the above Walter Bell, who died at Bouces Cottage 5th October 1933 aged 90 years.. Also Agnes Bell their daughter who died 15th April 1934 aged 53 years..

11. In Memory of Robert Bell, son of John Bell in Brydekirk Village, who died 21st February 1820, age 10 years.. Also Jean Henderson, spouse of the said John Bell, who died at Brydekirk Village, 19th October 1831, aged 55 years.. And Jane Bell, his second wife, who died there 26th March 1837, aged 46 years.. And the said John Bell, who died there 10th Sept 1858, age 83 years.. Also John, William and Jane, children of Thomas Bell, who died there on the 11th and 12th May 1847, age 6, 4 and 2 years.. Also the above Thomas Bell, who died at Brydekirk Village, 29th Janary 1878, aged 66 years.. Also Christina Forsyth, his wife who died there 5th May 1897, aged 78 yers..

12. Here lyes the body of Thomas Blacklock, of Albie, who died 22nd September 1786, aged 70 years.. Also Jean Blacklock, his daughter, who died 20th November 1757, aged 9 months.. Also Margaret Bell his spouse, who died 7th August 1801, aged 70 years..

13. To the Memory of Thomas Bell who died at Steelswell on the 8th September 1816 aged 39 years.. Also Mary Bell his wife, who died at Eastbretton, 20th November 1840 aged 57 years.. And Nicholas Bell their daughter, who died at Stearles 12th August 1853 aged 46 years..

14. In affectionate remembrance of Jacob McVitie of Castlefield, Ecclefechan, who died May 4th 1881 aged 84 years.. As for me I wll behold thy face in righteousness. I sall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. Psalm 17 v15. Also Jemima Armstrong relict of the above Jacob McVitie who died at Castlefield 4th January 1888 aged 90 years. .

15. Here rests Thomas Carlyle, who was born at Ecclefechan, 4th December 1795 and died at 24 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London, on Saturday 5th February 1881.. Here also rests John Aitken Carlyle, M.D. - L.L.D. who was born at Ecclefechan, 7th July 1801, and died at The Hill, Dumfries on Monday 15th September 1879..

16. In Memory of Thomas Carlyle son of James Carlyle and Isabela Calvert, in Scotsbrig, who died 27th December 1841, age 3yrs and 1mth.. Also the above Isabella Calvert, who died at Scotsbrig, 1st June 1859, aged 46 years.. Also the above James Carlyle who died at Pingle, 4th May 1890, aged 84 years..

17. In Memory of Jannet Carlyle spouse to James Carlyle, mason in Ecclefechan, who died 11th September 1792, aged 25 years.. Also Jannet Carlyle, daughter to James Carlyle and Margaret Aitken, she died at Ecclefechan, 27th January 1801, aged 17 months.. Also Margaret, their daughter, she died 22nd June 1830, aged 27 years.. Also the above James Carlyle, born at Brownknowe in August 1758 and died at Scotsbrig on 23rd January 1832, and now rests here.. And here also rests the above Margaret Aitken, his second wife, born at Whitestanes, Kirkmahoe in September 1771, died at Scotsbrig on Christmas Day 1853.. She brought him nine children, wherof four sons and three daughters survived gratefully reverent to such a Father and such a Mother..

18. In Memory of Thomas Carlyle who died at Gralmains Hall, 2nd October 1807, aged 55 years.. Also Helen Graham his wife, who died at Ladywell, 27th March 1860, aged 95 years.. And Jean Carlyle his sister, who died at Sandbed 18th October 1792 aged 17 years.. Also John Carlyle his son, who died at Ladywell, 28th May 1855, aged 48 years.. And Fanny Carlyle their daughter, who died there 17th May 1864 aged 61 years.. And Robert Carlyle their son, who died there 2nd June 1870 aged 71 years..

19. In Memory of Elizabeth Ewart, wife of William Moffat, who died at Brydekirkyett, 28th August 1866 aged 28 years.. Also George Moffat their son, who died at Wyserby Hill, 3rd September 1871 aged 14 years.. Also the above William Moffat, who died at Woodhouse Lees, 24th September 1879 aged 48 years.. Also Matthew his son, who died in Infancy.. And Agnes Kennedy, wife of the above William Moffat, who died at Aglesfield, 27th December 1933 aged 91 years..

20. In Memory of Thomas Johnstone, who died 7th July 1892 aged 35 years.. And Samuel his son, who died at Ecclefechan, 4th February 1897 aged 4 years 10 months..

21. Here Lyes Janet Wightman, spouse to John Johnston in Milnpeth, she died 14th May 1744, aged 70 years..

22. In Memory of Helen Johnstone who died at Ecclefechan, 30th October 1910, aged 79 years..

23. Here lyes Jean Irving spouse to John Blyth, Gardener in Ecclefechan, she died 22nd December 1761 aged 54 years..

24. Here lyes Robert Peal who lived in Ecclefechan, he died April 4th 1749 aged 57 years..

25. Here lyes Margraet Litel spouse to John Blaeklock in Pordomstoun who died October 1726 aged 60 years..

26. In Memory of Jeremiah Thomson who died in Annan on the ?? March 1793 in the 50th year of his age..

27. In Memory of Alexander Beattie son of William Beattie, Joiner in Ecclefechan, who died 21st February 1819 aged 6 years 8 months.. Also Elizabeth Beattie his daughter, who died 21st January 1820 aged ?? years.. Also Mary Gafs his spouse, who died 18th October 1828 aged 36 years..

28. In Memory of John Beattie who died at Shillahill, Lockerbie, 22nd October 1874 aged 85 years.. Also Thomas and Annie Beattie who died in infancy November 1846.. Also Annie Beattie who died 14th August 1860 aged 10 years, children of the above John Beattie.. Also Janet Moffat his wife, who died at Annan 4th June 1879 aged 75 years..

29. In Memory of William Irving, who died at Greenfield, on the 22nd of April 1859 aged 71 years.. And of Margaret Little his wife, who died there 14th November 1858 aged 68 years.. Also Janet Irving, wife of William Millar, who died at Haggheads, 22nd November 1868 aged 33 years.. Also Elizabeth Mary their daughter, who died there 16th February 1869 aged 5 months.. And Georgine Isabella their daughter, who died there 1st August 1873 aged 7 years.. The above William Millar, who died at Haggs 1st May 1888 aged 77 years.. Also his son William Irving Millar, died at Partick 19th May 1915 aged 52 years.. And Clarinda D H Millar his daughter, who died at Haggs 17th May 1916 aged 52 years.. Also Margaret Little Millar his daughter, who died at Haggs 25th April 1933 aged 71 years..

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