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Hoddam Cemetery

01. In Memory of Jannet Geddes, spouse to John Glover in Collenhirst, who died 11th Nov 1826, age 26yrs.. Also George Glover, his son, who died 8th May 1824, age 2mths.. And Ann Glover, his sister, who died at Ecclefechan, 3rd Sept 1866, age 77yrs.. Also the above John Glover, who died 16th June 1871, age 88yrs.. And Jean Glover, his sister, who died at Lockerbie, 31st Jan 1872, age 86yrs..

02. In Memory of Jamesy Geddes, spouse of Andrew Black, who died at Ecclefechan, 13th June 1834, age 32yrs.. Also their daug who died in Infancy..

03. In Memory of David Tweedie, eldest son of James Irving Tweedie, who died 2nd Oct 1921, age 34yrs.. And Mary Jane Johnstone, beloved wife of James Irving Tweedie, who died 25th Oct 1930, age 74yrs.. Also the above James Irving Tweedie, who died at 57 Loanwath Road, Gretna, 14th Jan 1940, age 80yrs..

04. In Affectionate Remembrance of Mary Clark, beloved wife of George Maxwell, who died at Ecclefechan, 18th June 1888, age 25yrs.. Also in Remembrance of the above George Maxwell, who died at Eastriggs, 15th Jan 1939, age 76yrs.. And Annie Aitken Peacock, his second wife, who died at Eastriggs, 7th April 1939, age 71yrs..

05. In Memory of Elizabeth Johnston, daug of John Johnston, joiner in Middlebie, she died 8th Dec 1800, age 1yr 5mth..

06. In Memory of Jean Rae, spouse to William Moffat in Brydekirk Village, who died 12th May 1821, age 40yrs.. And the above William Moffat, who died there 9th May 1852, age 64yrs.. Also Bridget Phillips, wife of William Moffat, who died at Brydekirk Village, 12th Feb 1869, age 7yrs.. Also Agnes Currie Moffat their daug, who died there 20th Jan 1874, age 44yrs.. Also Jannet Moffat, their daug, who died there 23rd Feb 1834, age 53yrs..

07. In Memory of Jane Pool, spouse to George Johnstone in Townhead of Knockhill, who died 8th October 1832, age 43yrs.. Also the above George Johnstone, who died at Dumfries, 30th April 1838, age 49yrs.. Also David Johnstone, their son, who died at Eastmoor, 6th Sept 1845, age 30yrs.. Also Margaret Johnstone, their daughter and wife of Walter Bell, who died at Knockhill Mains, 24th Jan 1880, age 68yrs.. Also the above Walter Bell, who died at Knockhill Mains, 29th Nov 1886, age 89yrs..

08. In Memory of Sarah, daug of Thomas Paterson, Ecclefechan, who died 16th Oct 1847, age 25yrs.. Also Thomas, his son, who died 2nd Feb 1848, age 11yrs.. And Elizabeth, his daug, who died 10th Aug 1840, age 6yrs.. Also the above Thomas Paterson, who died 24th June 1856, age 59yrs.. Also Jane Brand, his wife, who died 22nd August 1876, age 80yrs..

09. In Memory of Jessie Rae, wife of James Paterson, nurseryman in Ecclefechan, who died 18th Aug 1874, age 58yrs.. Also Adam their son, who died in Infancy.. Also Jane their daug, who died at Liverpool, 6th Jan 1866, age 19yrs.. Also the above James Paterson, who died at Ecclefechan, 9th Jan 1880, age 74yrs.. Also Thomas their son, who died at Ecclefechan, 29th Oct 1923, age 65yrs.. Also Margaret Murray, wife of the above Thomas Paterson, who died at Banff, 27th Aug 1929, age 74yrs.. Intered in Banff Cemetery

10. In Memory of William Paterson, mason in Ecclefechan, who died 28th July 1771, age 42yrs.. And Barbara Johnston, his spouse, who died 6th Dec 1796, age 70yrs.. (Erected by Barbara)..

11. In Memory of James, son of John Johnstone, Hoddom Town, who died 12th June 1869, age 3mths.. Also Hugh, his son who died 7th Jan 1884, age 17yrs.. Also George, his son who died 10th Jan 1892, age 32yrs.. Also Elizabeth Johnstone, his wife, who died 28th Feb 1895, age 57yrs.. Also the above John Johnstone, who died at Swaugh Park, 13th Feb 1907, age 77yrs.. Also of John, his son, who died at Sunnybank, 20th Aug 1953, age 90yrs..

12. In Memory of John Jackson, farmer in Main Holm who died 7th Dec 1789, age 66yrs.. Also of Catherine Moffat, his spouse, who died 11th Oct 1789, age 65yrs.. And of William Jackson, their son, who died 21st Sept 1778, age 15yrs.. Also John Jackson, their son, farmer in Relief, who died 4th July 1815, age 60yrs.. And of Christian Jackson, his spouse who died at Riddingwood, in the parish of Kirkmahoe on 18th Jan 1839, age 64yrs..

13. In Memory of Joseph Bell, who died at Ashyards Road, Eaglesfield, 4th May 1881, age 67yrs.. Also Janet Downie, his wife, who died at Raeburnfoot, 28th Dec 1894, age 84yrs.. Also Agnes Bell, who died at Ashyards, 10th Jan 1883, age 3 1/2yrs.. Also Maggie Bell, who died there, 27th Jan 1886, age 2mths.. And of Margaret Ritchie, wife of Joseph Bell, who died at Raeburnfoot 23rd March 1902, age 56yrs.. (Parents of the above Agnes and Maggie Bell..) Also the above Joseph Bell, late of Surrone, who died at Floshend, 29th Oct 1916, age 74yrs..

14. In Memory of Philis Bell, spouse of John Irving, in Dalebank who died 6th May 1809, age 63yrs.. And the above John Irving, who died 26th May 1821, age 73yrs.. Also Amelia Irving, who died 23rd Feb 1834, age 53yrs..

15. In Memory of Mary Davidson Bell, daug of William Bell, who died at Haggshead, 29th Oct 1886, age 72yrs.. Also William Bell, mason in Ecclefechan, son of Thomas Bell, who died at Belle Vue, 23rd March 1913, age 57yrs.. And Joan Bell, who died at Dumfries, 25th Nov 1918, age 53yrs..

16. In Memory of James, son of Robert Bell, who died at Hoddom Town, 19th July 1865, age 10mths.. Also Richard, his son, who died at Rosebank, 15th May 1874, age 18yrs..

17. In Memory of Gideon Palmer Bell, who died at Ashgrove, 4th Dec 1947, age 58yrs.. And his wife Margaret Bell, who died at Perth, 2nd Sept 1985, age 96yrs.. Also their elder son Ian Irving Bell, who died at Dumfries 27th June 1996, age 70 yrs, beloved father of Gillian..

18. In Loving Memory of Alexandra Pearson Bell, (wee lexy), dearly loved daughter of Robert and Christina Bell, who died at Hoddom Cross, 2nd March 1927, age 6 1/2yrs.. Also Janet, their daug who died in Infancy.. Also the above Christina Bell, who died there, 6th Nov 1950, age 65yrs.. Also the above Robert Bell, who died there 5th Feb 1954, age 73yrs.. Also Sarah, their daug, who died 11th Aug 1998, age 79yrs..

19. In Memory of Alexander Pearson, (wee Alex), son of James and Janet Bell, who died 14th May 1928, age 7yrs 5mths.. Also the above James Bell, who died 23rd March 1984, age 86yrs.. Also his wife Janet Dobie, died 17th Dec 1988, age 88yrs..

20. In Memory of John Landsborough Rogerson, Hall Road, Ecclefechan, who died 23rd January 1948 aged 70 years.. Also his beloved wife Janet Johnstone, who died 22nd November 1958 aged 80 years.. (erected by their daughter Mary.   Also Thomas their son, who died at Hall Road, 18th May 1966 aged 84 years..

21. In Loving Memory of Sarah C Johnstone, beloved wife of George Graham, who died at Ecclefechan 14th June 1927 aged 30 years..

22. In Loving Memory of John Young Irving, who died at The Orchard, Ecclefechan, January 29th 1927 aged 64 years.. Also Ellen Armstrong Ritchie, beloved wife of the above who died at Blackburn Chirnside, January 16th 1941 aged 68 years..

23. In Loving Memory of my dear brother James Bell, who died at Newfield, Ecclefechan, 31st May 1962 aged 75 years..

24. In Loving Memory of William Johnstone, who died 2nd November 1956 aged 63 years.. Also Elizabeth his wife, who died at Thistle Cottage, Dalton, 8th October 1974.. Also John, son of the above, killed in action 31st March 1941 aged 22 years..

25. In Loving Memory of William Irving beloved husband of Mary Harkness, who died at Grains, Ecclefechan, 11th March 1955 aged 76 years.. Also the above Mary Harkness, who died at Rising Sun, Ecclefechan, 12th September 1960 aged 85 years..

26. In Memory of Isabella Johnston, wife of James Irving, farmer in Cowthat, who died the 18th December 1862 aged 39 years.. Also the above James Irving who died the 16th May 1875 aged 51 years.. Also William, son of the above who died at Cowthat, 30th March 1924 aged 68 years.. Also Mary daughter of the above, who died at Greenfield, 10th June 1927 aged 66 years..

27. In Memory of Gavin Irving son of John Irving, farmer in Langdyke, who died at Kirtlebribge Mill on the 20th March 1870 aged 47 years.. Also Robert Irving his youngest son, who died there 8th February 1875 aged 37 years..

28. In Memory of William Irving son of James Irving and Jannet Rae, who died at Uppermillflat, 17th June 1793 aged 17 years.. Also the said Jannet Rae, who died 26th November 1795 aged 47 years.. Also the said James Irving, who died 26th November 1794 aged 47 years.. Also John Irving their son, who died at Mainhill, 27th May 1799 aged 25 years.. And George Irving their son, who died at Annan, 8th November 1823 aged 42 years.. Also David Irving their son, who died 24th September 1817 aged 37 years..

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