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Lochmaben Cemetery (new)

01. Robert MacMillan, who died at Vendaceburn, 10th March 1896, age 63yrs.. Mary Jane Jackson, wife of the above, who died at Vendaceburn, 24th April 1925, age 84yrs..

02. In Memory of Margaret Laing, wife of John McMillan, who died at Lochmaben, 6th May 1875, age 69yrs.. Also the above John McMillan, who died there 11th Jan 1881, age 76yrs.. Also David, youngest son of the above who died at 3 Lockerbie Road, Dumfries, 7th April 1924, in his 77th year.. Also Robert, eldest son of the above David McMillan, who died at 3 Lockerbie Road, Dumfries, 13th April 1946, age 68yrs.. Also Agnes Graham, widow of the above David McMillan, who died at The Royal Infirmary, Dumfries, 1st May 1946, age 88yrs..

03. In Loving Memory of Andrew McLean, who died at Elizafield, 22nd Feb 1927, age 88yrs.. Jane Irving, wife of Andrew McLean, who died at Elizafield, Torthorwald, 12th May 1920, age 77yrs..

04. In Loving Memory of Margaret Irving, wife of David McLean, who died at Rose Bank, Cummertrees, 25th June 1911, age 75yrs.. Also the above David McLean, who died there 16th Sept 1915, age 75yrs.. Also John Alexander, their son, who died in Infancy, July 1865.. Also Thomas Adam, their son, who died at Rose Bank, 14th Aug 1924, age 51yrs.. Also his beloved wife Margaret Kennedy Frood, who died 11th Dec 1967, age 89yrs..

05. In memory of David Tweedie, stonecutter, who died at Lochmaben 15th Aug 1889, age 50yrs.. Also William his son, who died at Melbourne, Victoria, 14th April 1890, in his 27th year.. Also Agnes Jane, his daughter who died at Lochmaben 19th Oct 1891, age 21yrs.. Also Jemima, his daughter and wife of William Downie, who died at Motherwell, 24th Dec 1914, age 42yrs.. And Agnes Anderson, his wife, who died at Lochmaben, 22nd April 1915, age 73yrs..

06. In Loving Memory of Jane Kirkpatrick, beloved wife of William McLean, who died at Rose Bank, 23rd Nov 1903, age 69yrs.. Also William McLean, of Rose Bank who died at Hightae, 1st Sept 1917, age 79yrs.. Also Thomas Kirkpatrick McLean, their only son, and beloved husband of Catherine Jane Calder, who died at Eskbank, 22nd Nov 1919, age 59yrs.. "An Honest Tradesman".. Also Catherine Jane Calder, beloved wife of Thomas K. McLean, who died suddenly at Edinburgh, 22nd May 1930, age 69yrs. "United in Rest".. Also Jane Bell, widow of Wm McLean, who died at Hightae, 7th July 1930, age 84yrs..

07. In Loving Memory of William Tweedie, mason, Lochmaben, who died 27th Feb 1898, age 35yrs.. Sarah Agnes, his sister and wife of James Queen, who died 25th May 1896, age 25yrs.. Jeanie, their daughter, who died 15th June 1895, age 5yrs.. Thomas, their son, who died in infancy.. Alexander, son of Alex and Jessie Cooper, who died in infancy.. David, his brother, who died 15th March 1906, age 25yrs.. Jeanie, his daughter, age 3mths.. Also Helen Paterson, wife of John Tweedie, who died at Larbert Hospital, 10th April 1928, age 51yrs.. Also the above John Tweedie, who died 29th May 1948, age 79yrs..

08. In Memory of Hugh Jolly, who died at Lochmaben, 2nd March 1820, age 72yrs.. Also Sarah McMillan, his spouse, died 14th July 18??, age 66yrs..

09. In loving memory of Joseph S Tweedie, Mason, beloved husband of Janet D Baird, who died at Barrashead, 21st Jan 1919, age 62yrs.. Also of Janet D Baird, dearly beloved wife of the above, who died at Barrashead, Lochmaben, 18th Nov 1930, age 68yrs.. Also Wee Jimmy, grandson of the above, who died at Barrashead, 29th April 1922, age 8mths.. Also Grace, daughter of above and beloved wife of Thomas Bell, who died at Ayr Hospital, 29th April 1924, age 25yrs.. Also J S Tweedie (wee Joe), grandson of the above and dearly beloved son of John and Ella Tweedie, who died at BarrasHead, Lochmaben, 30th Aug 1929, age 6yrs.. Also Jessie, daughter of the above, who died 22nd May 1935, age 32yrs.. Also Ronnie, who died 23rd Sep 1942, age 19yrs.. Also Phyllis, daughter of the above, who died 3rd March 1967, age 66yrs..

10. In loving Memory of Elizabeth Henderson, beloved wife of John Tweedie, who died at Townhead, Lochmaben, 10th March 1928, age 54yrs.. Also John Tweedie, who died 11th Oct 1951, age 79yrs.. Also Margaret, their daughter, died 12th June 1905, age 6mths.. Also Elizabeth, their daughter, died 15th Feb 1907, age 10mths.. Also Margaret Henderson, their daughter who died 10th May 1939, age 27yrs.. Also Mary Tweedie, their daughter, who died 7th Jan 1978, age 75yrs..

11. In Memory of Thomas J Bell, beloved husband of late Grace Tweedie, who died 22nd March 1956, age 65yrs..

12. In Loving Memory of Jessie Sproat, wife of John Tweedie, who died at Hazliebrae Cottage, 24th March 1927, age 50yrs.. Also the above John Tweedie, who died at Station Cottages, Beattock, 29th Jan 1937, age 80yrs..

13. In Memory of George Tweedie, Farmer, who died at Redhall, 10th April 1881, age 57yrs.. Also Maggie Jane, his daughter, who died there, 2nd Sept 1877, age 15yrs.. Also Lillias Scott, his wife, who died there, 20th Feb 1884, age 63yrs.. Also, Lillias Mary, daughter of Andrew Tweedie, who died at Redhall, 24th July 1903, age 13 years.. Also the above, Andrew S Tweedie, who died at Auchencairn, 28th Dec 1928, age 76yrs.. Also Agnes Jane Douglas, his widow, who died there 26th May 1940, in her 82nd year.. Also Lillias Maggie Murray, daughter of William and Mary J Tweedie, died 20th May 1890, age 11mths.. Also Mina, third daughter of Andrew Tweedie, who died 5th Feb 1966, age 73yrs.. Also Helen Rae Tweedie, youngest daughter of the above Andrew Tweedie, who died 17th Jan 1987, age 81yrs..

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