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Lochmaben Cemetery (old)

  • Broatch - 03 - 04
  • Burgess - 05
  • Flemming - 06
  • Gilchrist - 02
  • Halliday - 01
  • Jolly - 08
  • McMillan - 08
  • Moffat - 07
  • Richardson - 02
  • Rogerson - 06
  • Telfer - 01 - 02
  • Twedie - 01
  • Tweedie - 01 - 02 - 03 - 05 - 06

01. In memory of William Twedie, mason, born 1802, who died in Lochmaben 1857.. Also his eldest son, William, who died 11th Nov 1848, age 6yrs.. Also his second son, William, died 14th April 1849, age 14mths.. His youngest daughter Margaret, who died 14th Aug 1856, age 10mths.. Mary Halliday, wife of the above, born 1812 and died 1892.. And Mary Twedie, granddaughter of the above and daughter of John Tweedie who died 4th Oct 1875, age 14yrs.. And John Tweedie, son of the above, died 13th Nov 1885 age 50yrs.. And Jane Telfer, widow of the above John Tweedie, died 31st March 1914 age 77yrs..

02. In Memory of John Tweedie, son of David Tweedie in Hightae, who died 10th May 1804, age 3yrs.. Also Agnes, his daughter, who died 27th March 1810, age 2yrs.. Also Jane, his daughter, who died 3rd April 1810, age 4yrs.. Also Elizabeth Richardson, spouse to the said David Tweedie in Hightae, who died 16th Jan 1841, age 76yrs.. Also the said David Tweedie, who died 23rd Nov 1852, age 78yrs.. Also Elizabeth, daughter of James Tweedie and spouse to Alexander Gilchrist, who died at Dumfries, 13th Dec 1865, age 23yrs.. Also the said Alexander Gilchrist, who died 2nd Nov 1867, age 29yrs.. Also Elizabeth Telfer, wife of James Tweedie, who died there 20th March 1871, age 51yrs..

03. In Loving Memory of John Broatch, who died 14th Jan 1855, age (??).. Also Janet Tweedie, his wife, who died 10th Jan 1855, age 76yrs.. - Stone erected by Andrew Broach, Winnipeg, Canada.. - sandstone very badly scaled

04. Here lyes John Broatch, in Hitae, who departed February 1711 aged 52 years..

05. In Loving Memory of Sarah Tweedie, Spouse of David Burgess, of Douglasburn who died 23rd January 1863, aged 66 yrs.. Also their children David, who died in June 1838, age 5 yrs, Sarah, who died 25th January 1851, age 14 yrs, Catherine, who died 13th February 1851, age 10 yrs, and Margaret, who died in Infancy.. Also the above David Burgess, who died 28th April 1866, aged 75 yrs..

06. In Memory of George Rogerson, who died at Oldmill Cottage, 11th May 1869, age 68yrs.. Also Janet Tweedie, his wife who died there 20th March 1848, age 38yrs.. Also Jessie, their daug, who died in Infancy.. Also Agnes Flemming, his wife, who died there 29th Oct 1866, age 49yrs..

07. In Memory of Thomas, son of William Moffat, who died at Templand, 12th Nov 1868, age 6 yrs.. Also Mary, who died in Infancy..

08. In memory of Hugh Jolly who died at Lochmaben 2nd March 1820, aged 72 years. Also Sarah McMillan his spouse who died 14th July 1820, aged 66 years..

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