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Mouswald Cemetery

01. James Tweedie, son of Francis Tweedie, died at Panteth, 18th October 1849 aged 22yrs.. Also James Tweedie, his son, died 15th February 1819 aged 15yrs.. Also the above Francis Tweedie, died 15th December 1862 at Pyehills, aged 83yrs.. And of Janet McVittie, his wife, died 18th November at Pyehills aged 79yrs.. Also James Tweedie, son of George Tweedie, died in infancy, 6th January 1858.. Also David Tweedie, who died their, 30th July 1870, aged 56yrs.. Also Mary Jane Tweedie, died 22nd December 1882, aged 20yrs.. Also Ellen Irving, wife of George Tweedie, died at Mount Kedar, 22nd July 1892, aged 56yrs.. Also Jane Tweedie, daug of above Francis Tweedie, died at Mount Kedar, 19th November 1893, aged 76yrs.. Also the above George Tweedie, son of above Francis Tweedie, died at Mount Kedar, 2nd July 1894, aged 72yrs..

02. James Tweedie, died 26th November 1800, aged 71yrs.. Also Janet Bell, his spouse, died 27th December 1808, aged 68yrs.. Also Robert and Jean, children of the above James Tweedie, who died in infancy.. Also Robert Tweedie, son of James Tweedie, his son who died 22nd July 1798, aged 6mths.. Also Mary Tweedie, his daughter, died 27th July 1808, aged 5mths.. Also David Tweedie, died Lochmaben, 9th February 1829, aged 23yrs..

03. John Tweedie, late tenant in Banks, died 26th January 1798, aged 84 yrs.. Also Agnes Wilson, his spouse, died 11th January 1810, aged 81 yrs.. Also John Tweedie, their son, died 23rd September 1831, aged 70 yrs.. Also John Tweedie, his son, farmer, Belzies, parish of Tinwald, died 29th December 1845, aged 54 yrs.. Also Janet Dickinson, his mother, died 13/30th October 1848, aged 84 yrs.. Also Ann Marsh, wife of the above John Tweedie, died at Belzies, 14th March 1881, aged 81 yrs..

04. In Memory of Joseph Kerr, tenant in Banks, who died 20th March 1819, aged 80yrs.. Also Jean Lorrimer, his spouse, died 29th December 1816, aged 80yrs.. Also Jean Kerr, their granddaughter, spouse to James Moffat, died 2nd July 1827, aged 32yrs.. Also Robert Kerr, died 30th August 1827, aged 10yrs, children of Thomas Kerr, farmer in Mouswald Banks..

05. James Tweedie, in Barloth, parish of Torthorwald, died 5th Sept 1799, aged 72yrs.. Also Jean Adamson, his spouse, died 28th Dec 1799, aged 65yrs.. Also Jean Tweedie, died 1st May 1810, aged 11yrs.. Also Margaret Tweedie, died 30th Oct 1813, aged 9yrs.. Also Agnes Tweedie.. Also Margaret, who died 1815, aged 16mths, children of Joseph Tweedie in Roucan.. Also Agnes Tweedie, daughter of above James Tweedie, died at Holmhead, 16th Oct 1851, aged 84yrs..

06. James Carruthers, in Raffles, died 10th Dec 1805, aged 62yrs.. Also Jacob Carruthers, his son, died at Croydon, 12th Sept 1841, aged 40yrs.. Also John carruthers, died in Cleughbrae, 26th Dec 1847, aged 62yrs.. Also Elizabeth Tweedie, spouse to the above James Carruthers, died 7th Oct 1850, aged 91yrs..
Also (on reverse) Thomas Carruthers, died 19th June 1858, Hetland Stables, aged 75yrs..

07. Corp. James Tweedie, son of Walter Tweedie, Mouswald, died in the West Indies, 16th Dec 1865, aged 32yrs.. Also Jean Owens, wife of the above Walter Tweedie, died 27th July 1882, aged 81 yrs.. Also the said Walter Tweedie, died 27th Sept 1884, aged 88yrs.. Also Elizabeth, youngest daug of the above, died 16th Dec 1914, aged 74yrs.. Also Thomas Tweedie, Joiner, intered here (no dates cut).. Also Walter Tweedie, husband of Jeanie Smith, died 2nd Nov 1945, aged 77yrs..

08. In Loving Memory of Mary Ann Thompson, wife of John Tweedie, joiner, who died at Mouswald, 9th Nov 1900, aged 78yrs.. Also the above John Tweedie, who died at Mouswald, 16th June 1903, aged 78yrs.. Also Elizabeth, their youngest daughter, who died at Lochmaben, 9th June 1919, aged 59yrs.. Also James, their second son, who died at Mouswald village, 19th March 1920, aged 63yrs.. Also Mary, their eldest daughter, who died at Mouswald Village, 9th May 1926, aged 76yrs.. Also Thomas, their son, who died 24th Feb 1929, aged 75yrs.. Also William, their son, who died 7th Nov 1938, aged 73yrs.. Also George Tweedie, died 22nd Feb 1966, aged 81yrs.. Mary Marr Thompson, who died 30th July 1860, [sic] aged 61/67yrs..

09. Erected by James Garey, in memory of his step-son James McVittie, died at Upper Dormont, Dalton, 28th Jan 1858, aged 10yrs 4mths.. Also the above James Garey, who died at Gateside, Holywood, 26th Oct 1894, aged 62yrs.. Also Mary McVittie, his wife, died at Holywood Village, 27th March 1908, aged 75yrs.. Also Janet McVittie, who died at Beercroft, Holywood, 4th Jan 1865, aged 53yrs..

10. In Memory of John Moffat, who died at Dumfries, 28th April 1839, aged 64yrs.. And Janet Kerr, his spouse, who died 23rd April 1832, aged 52yrs.. Also John Moffat, their son, Spirit Merchant in Dumfries, died 26th Jan 1847, aged 46yrs.. Also William Moffat, their son, Draper in Dumfries, who died 24th Feb 1878, aged 66yrs..

11. In Loving Memory of Robert, son of William Paterson, who died at Broadgate, 28th Dec 1892, in infancy.. Also Jessie Tweedie, his daughter, who died at Holmhead, 9th Aug 1902, aged 7yrs.. Also George Tweedie, his son, who died at Holmhead, 17th March 1907, aged 3yrs.. Also James Paterson his son who died at Broadgate, 13th Nov 1918, aged 19yrs.. Also the above William Paterson, who died at Broadgate, 21st Nov 1922, aged 56yrs.. Also Elizabeth W Paterson, daughter of above and wife of Thomas Plunkett, Portrack, Holywood, who died in Dumfries Infirmary 2nd Aug 1931, aged 36yrs..

12. Agnes Irving, spouse to William Kerr, of Cleughbrae, who died 28th March 1769, aged 40yrs.. Also the above William Kerr, who died 26th July 1800.. Also Mary Dickson, his second spouse, who died 8th Aug 1825, aged 80yrs.. Also William Kerr, their son who died 30th April 1824, aged 40yrs.. Also Janet Kerr, spouse to Joseph Kerr, Cleughbrae, who died 11th May 1842, aged 70yrs.. Also William Kerr, Miller, in Cleughbrae Mill who died Dec 1845, aged 56yrs.. Also Joseph Kerr, son of William Kerr and Mary Dickson, who died at Cleughbrae, 16th July 1847 aged 73yrs 6mths and 7 days..

13. In memory of Thomas Kerr, merchant in Dumfries, died 27th Dec 1794, aged 42yrs.. Erected by Elizabeth Kerr his spouse..

14. In memory of John Kerr in Woodside and Jean Wilson his spouse, she died Jan 1764, aged 80yrs, he died 1765, aged 75yrs.. Also Thomas Kerr, their son who died at Kirkstyle of Ruthwell, 24th Dec 1793, aged 77yrs..

15. In memory of Agnes daug of Joseph Kerr and Isabella Johnstone, Mouswald Village, died 10th March 1847, aged 1yr 5 mths.. Also Matthew his son who died 24th March 1847, aged 3yrs 6mths.. Also the above Joseph Kerr, who died 6th Nov 1874, aged 75yrs.. Also George Kerr, his son who died in Hong Kong, China, 17th Sep 1876, aged 38yrs.. Also Isabella Johnstone, wife to the above Joseph Kerr, died 5th March 1886, aged 80yrs.. Also Janet grand-daughter of the above Joseph Kerr and wife of John McMurdo, died 5th Sept 1891, aged 32yrs.. Also Agnes Irving, wife of John Kerr, blacksmith who died at Newbridge, Terregles, 14th Feb 1896, aged 52yrs.. Also Mary daughter of the said John Kerr who died at Newbridge, Terregles, 8th Jan 1901, aged 31yrs.. Also the above John Kerr, who died at Newbridge, Terregles, 6th Feb 1905 in his 77th year of his age..

16. In Memory of George Kerr, late farmer in Mouswald Banks, died at Racks, Parish of Torthorwald, 20th Feb 1826, aged 65yrs.. Here lyes the dust of William Kerr, their son, died at Birset, 26th Dec 1834, aged 47yrs.. Also Mary Tweedie, wife of the above George Kerr, died at Elizafield, 18th May 1838, aged 83yrs.. Also John Kerr, son of the above William Kerr, died 28th Sept 1844, age 20yrs.. Also Agnes Kerr, his aunt, died at Elizafield, 28th April 1850, aged 65yrs.. Also Agnes Henry, wife of the above William Kerr, died at Birset, 14th Aug 1853, aged 67yrs.. Also George, their son, who died 20th Jan 1862, aged 54yrs..Erected by William Kerr his son..

17. In Memory of James Kerr, son of Thomas Kerr, Joiner, Elizafield, who died 30th June 1836, aged 4yrs.. Also James Kerr, his son, died 14th Jan 1841, aged 2mths.. Also Janet Tweedie, spouse of James Kerr, and grandmother of the above, died 8th May 1843, aged 72yrs.. Also James Kerr, her husband, died 24th Jan 1850, aged 86yrs.. Also Mary Hutchison, wife of the above Thomas Kerr, died 15th Nov 1849, aged 42yrs.. Also Ann Kerr, their daughter, died 31st Dec 1849, aged 7yrs.. And ofMartha Kerr, their daughter, died 5th Jan 1850, aged 22yrs.. Also the above Thomas Kerr, died 26th June 1859, aged 59yrs.. Also Agnes Forsyth, his wife who died at Elizafield Cottage, 20th Jan 1895, aged 79yrs..

18. In Memory of Thomas Kerr, Farmer, Mouswald Banks, who died 22nd July 1834, aged 67yrs.. Also Janet Johnston, his Spouse, who died at Barlauth, 21st March 1855, aged 73yrs.. And Janet Kerr, their daug, who died at Laneside, Troqueer, 14th May 1889, aged 80yrs.. Also Margaret Kerr, their youngest daughter and Widow of John Maben, who died at Flatts of Cargen, 24th Jan 1890, aged 67yrs.. Also Joseph Kerr, their son, Farmer, Flatts of Cargen who died there 17th Feb 1895, aged 79yrs..

19. In Memory of Mary Bell, Wife of Francis Kerr, died at Murraythwaite Mill, 28th July 1858, aged 46yrs.. Also William Kerr, their son, died at Wath, 9th Sept 1870, aged 19yrs.. And the above Francis Kerr, died there 17th Jan 1879, aged 70yrs.. And Jannet, his Great Grand-Daughter, who died there 13th May 1895, aged 1yr.. Also Mary Kerr, their daug, died at Repentance Hill, 9th April 1919, aged 74yrs.. And Mary Agnes Kerr, Grand-Daughter of Francis Kerr, died at Gretna, 13th March 1950, aged 80yrs..

20. In Memory of Margaret Charters, spouse to Geroge Irving, in Payotts, died 22nd Feb 1746, aged 30yrs..

21. In Memory of Susann Johnston, spouse to David Dickson, in Glebepark, died 9th July 1809, aged 76yrs.. Also the above David Dickson, died 14th Nov 1815, aged 84yrs..

22. In loving memory of Frank Tweedie, beloved husband of Helen Little, died at Lapstone Cottage, 19th Jan 1957, aged 88yrs.. And of the above Helen Little, died 31st March 1960, aged 90yrs..

23. In loving memory of John Joseph Tweedie, the beloved husband of Mary Ann Walker, who died at Mouswald, 12th Dec 1944, aged 82yrs.. Also Mary Ann, beloved wife of the above, who died at Coldstream, 8th June 1964, aged 85yrs..

24. In loving memory of Helen Irving Paterson, beloved daughter of William and Georgina Paterson, died at Broadgate 29th July 1942, aged 48yrs.. Also above Georgina Tweedie, wife of the late William Paterson, died at Broadgate, 25th Feb 1946, in her 81st year.. Also Mary Jane Forbes Paterson, daughter of the above, died 12th Jan 1980, aged 82yrs.. Also Jane Watson Paterson, died 5th March 1981, aged 75yrs.. Also Martha Tweedie Paterson, died 1st April 1988, aged 86yrs..

25. In memory of Richard James, eldest son of John Grierson, died at Woodside Cottage, 10th Jan 1910, aged 34yrs.. Also above John Grierson, Joiner, died at Woodside, 15th Sept 1912, aged 68yrs.. Also Margaret Tweedie, his wife, died at Powfoot, 13th Oct 1925, aged 74yrs.. Also John Richard, their grandson, son of Edward and Elizabeth Grierson, died at Woodside, 17th Feb 1924, aged 5yr 6mth.. Also Edward Carlyle, their son, grandson of the above, died 8th March 1926, aged 4.5 mths..

26. In memory of Rachael Kerr, daughter of James Kerr, late tenant in Cleughbrae, who died 16th June 1832, aged 69yrs.. Also Mary Kerr, wife of David Kerr, who died at Gateside, Holywood, 11th Aug 1893, aged 85yrs.. Also the above David Kerr, who died at Gateside, Holywood, 16th Sept 1898, aged 87yrs.. (Erected by Mary Kerr her niece)..

27. In memory of Joseph Price, who died in Belfast 1st April 1800, aged 65yrs.. Also Mary Moffat, his spouse, who died at Greenlea, 15th Oct 1836, aged 84yrs.. Also Joseph Price, their son who died at Mouswald Mains, 27th Aug 1817, aged 19yrs.. Also James Price, who died in Dublin, 5th June 1847, aged 70yrs..

28. In Memory of John, son of William Moffat, who died at Murraythwait Mill, 11th Jan 1851, aged 22yrs.. Also Janet Boyes, wife of the above William Moffat, who died Whitecroft Gate, 1st June 1873, aged 76yrs.. Also the above William Moffat, who died at Whitecroft Gate, 15th Dec 1884, aged 81yrs.. Also Mary, eldest daug of the above Wm Moffat, who died at Owlet Hall, Elland, Yorkshire, 10th June 1903, aged 73yrs.. (and was intered in Blackley Cemetery, Elland).

29. In Memory of Janet Dobie, daug of John Dobie, who died at Mouswald, 31st Oct 1883, in her 23rd year.. Also her little boy who died 4th Dec 1883, aged 7 weeks.. Also Jane Dobie, hid daug, who died at Skew Bridge, 1st June 1887, aged 25yrs.. Also Robert, his son, who died 15th Aug 1896, aged 39yrs.. Also Janet McMillan wife of the above, who died at Skew Bridge, 22nd March 1908, aged 74yrs.. Also William, beloved son of John Dobie, who died at Skew Bridge, Ruthwell, 23rd Feb 1916, aged 60yrs.. Also the above John Dobie, who died at Lochmaben, 15th July 1918, aged 83yrs.. (also at bottom of stone) Mary Hope, who died 8th May 1882, aged 83yrs.. Sarah Kerr, who died 2nd Sept 1884, aged 36yrs..

30. In rememberance of Margaret Jane, daughter of John Broatch, who died at Mount Kedar, 22nd May 1884, aged 23yrs.. Also David, son of the above, who died at Mount Kedar, 20th Dec 1884, aged 19yrs.. Also the above John Alex Broatch, who died 27th June 1886, aged 62yrs.. Also Grace, daughter of the above John A Broatch, who died at Mount Kedar, 5th Feb 1892, aged 21yrs.. Also William, son of the above John A Broatch, who died at Manchester, 19th Sept 1889, aged 40yrs.. Also Grace Bilby, wife of the above John A Broatch, who died at Manchester, 10th Feb 1902, aged 74yrs.. Also Robert, son of the above and dearly beloved husband of Aleyson Waugh, who died at Alexandra Road, Manchester, 28th June 1932, aged 63yrs.. Also the above Aleyson Waugh, who died at Dumfries, 10th May 1940, aged 72yrs..

31. In Memory of Maggie Proudfoot, wife of James McLean, who died at Townfoot, 18th Dec 1893, aged 38yrs.. Also James, their son, who died at Netherfarden, Kirkconnel, 17th July 1889, aged 2yrs.. Also the above James McLean, who died at Cumstone Cottage, Lockerbie, 31st Dec 1914, aged 62yrs..

32. In memory of James Dickson, son of James Dickson, builder in Mouswald, died 4th Jan 1846, aged 7mths.. Also Martha Kerr spouse of the above, died 30th May 1851 in the 31st year of her age.. Also the aboveJames Dickson, died in New York, 21st Sept 1854, aged 55yrs.. Also Mary Agnes B?, wife of John Dickson, died at Margaretfield, 5th Dec 1871, aged 52yrs..

33. In Memory of Jane Moffat, wife of John Hanning, who died at Boghead, 9th Dec 1879, aged 71yrs..

34. In Memory of Janet Irving, daughter of John Dickson, who died at Riccarton Junction, 1st March 1871, aged 9 mths.. Also Thomas, his son who died at Mouswald, 17th April 1886, aged 4 1/2yrs.. Also Elizabeth Nichol, his wife who died at Mouswald 7th Dec 1892 aged 49yrs.. Also the above John Dickson, who died at Mouswald 5th May 1906, aged 77yrs.. Also Mary, their daughter who died at Mouswald, 3rd Oct 1906, aged 31yrs.. Also Margaret, their daughter, who died at Margrie, 13 Dec 1914 aged 35yrs.. Also Robert, their son, who died at Mouswald, 2nd Oct 1932 aged 70yrs.. Also William, their son, beloved husband of Mary Ashcroft, who died at Mouswald, 6th March 1938 aged 73yrs.. Also the above Mary Ashcroft, who died at Melrose, 9th Sept 1968..

35. Sacred to Memory of Robert Dickson, Balcksmith in Mouswald who died 15th Dec 1871, aged 71yrs.. Also Janet Irving, his wife, who died there 20th Sept 1886, aged 88yrs.. Also Catherine Dickson, youngest daughter of the above, who died there 3rd Jan 1911, aged 76yrs.. Also Jane Dickson, Grand daughter who died 11th April 1935, aged 71yrs..

36. In Memory of the Rev'd Thomas Hastings, F.C. Minister of Wanlockhead and Leadhills, who died at Dumfries, 30th April 1875, aged 79yrs.. "He was instant in season and out of season, watching for souls as a man who has to give account". "When the Chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away". And Margaret Dickson, his spouse, who died at Portland Place, Maxwelltown, 9th Dec 1870, aged 72yrs.. Also of Captain Abraham Dickson, who was lost at sea in the year 1805.. And Ann Dickson, his Relict eldest daughter of the late Jacob Dickson, Minister of Mouswald, who died at Portland Place, 10th March 1847, aged 78yrs..

37. In Loving Memory of Jacob Dickson, who died at Woodside, 9th March 1896, aged 76yrs.. Also of Jean Wells, wife of the above who died at Woodside 1st March 1911, aged 78yrs.. Also Robert, their son who died 8th Feb 1929, aged 68yrs.. Also Mary, their second daughter who died 13th April 1934, aged 66yrs.. Also Margeret, their eldest daughter who died 23rd June 1934, aged 70yrs.. Also Jacob, their youngest son, who died at Woodside, 29th April 1938, aged 65yrs.. Also Janet, their youngest daughter, who died 25th July 1938, aged 67yrs..

38. In Memory of Jane Dickson, wife of John Fell, Joiner, she died at Woodside, on the 25th July 1870, aged 88yrs.. Also the above John Fell, who died at Woodside on the 18th May 1874, aged 78yrs.. Charlote Dickson, wife of William Brown, late Farmer of Barrend of Balinaghie, who died at Woodside, 26th Aug 1861, aged 80yrs..

39. In Memory of Robert Leivers, who died at Greenlea, Parish of Torthorwald 15th July 1846 aged 67yrs.. Also John Leivers, his son who died 9th March 1836 aged 20yrs.. Also Robert Leivers Junior, who died 29th April 1848 aged 25yrs.. Also Christina Dickson, his spouse who died 23rd December 1855 aged 71yrs.. (Thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia)  

40. In Memory of Elspeth Dickson, who died the 8th July 1816 aged 6yrs.. Also Richard Dickson, who died 20th Nov 1819 aged 3yrs.. Children of Thomas Dickson Blacksmith at Woodside.. Also John Dickson his son, who died at Wimsley Lancashire the 13th Jan 1846, aged 24yrs.. Also the above Thomas Dickson who died at Woodside on the 17th May 1869, aged 79yrs.. Also Mary Glendinning his wife who died on the 12th July 1876, aged 87yrs.. (Thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia)  

41. In Memory of John Dickson, Surgeon who died at Old Calabar in Africa the 22nd of April 1805, aged 20yrs.. Also William Dickson, Mariner, who died the 5th of Sept 1809, aged 32yrs.. Sons of Thomas Dickson in Mouswald.. (Thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia)  

42. In Loving memory of Mary Shennan wife of Alexander Dickson, who died 21st April 1942, aged 79yrs.. Their son Alexander killed in action 18th April 1917, aged 20yrs.. Their daughter Janet, died 18th February 1917, aged 20yrs.. Their daughter Jessie, died 3rd June 1920, aged 27yrs.. Also the above Alexander Grierson Dickson died at 51 Princess Street, Lochmaben 7th September 1950, aged 88yrs.. (Thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia)  

43. Sacred to the memory of Jane Ann Dickson, wife of John Kennedy who died at Sheiling Hill, Lochfoot 24th April 1941 in her 73rd year.. Also the above John Kennedy, who died at The Cottage, Lochfoot 11th Jan 1952, aged 86yrs.. (Thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia)  

44. In Memory of John Dickson son to David Dickson in Mouswald who died 6th July 1808, aged 1 year and 6 months.. Also John his son who died 4th March 1825 aged 4 years.. Also Margaret his daughter who died ?? aged 15 months.. Also the above David Dickson who died 1st October 1829, aged 61 years.. Also George Dickson, his son who died 7th February 1859, aged 49 years.. Also Jane Carruthers who died 5th July 1836, aged 70 years.. Also Janet Beattie, wife of the above David Dickson who died 9th December 1879, aged 97 years.. Also Robert Dickson who died at Mouswald Village 9th September 1888, aged 70 years.. Also Janet Dickson who died Mouswald 20th May 1908, aged 87 years.. (Thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia)  

45. In Memory of George Irving who died at Mouswald Village, 9th August 1854 aged 59 years.. Also Janet McLaughlan his spouse, who died 9th December 1855 aged 58 years.. Also of their children Mary who died 1819 aged 6 months and Alexander who died 4th March 1850 aged 22 years.. In Loving Memory of Janet Irving wife of George Irving who died at Georgetown 26th November 1879 aged 46 years.. George Irving, who died there 27th September 1887 aged 67 years.. Also John Irving son of the above, who died there 31st March 1886 aged 18 years..   

46. In Loving Memory of Robert Irving who died at Mouswald 25th February 1891 aged 60 years.. Also Jean, wife of the above who died 6th November 1891 aged 60 years.. Also James Graham Irving, their Grandson who died at Manchester, 21st January 1891 aged 24 years.. Also Robert, Son of the above who died at Howwell 24th August 1896 aged 42 years.. Also Sarah, daughter of the above and widdow of Thomas Wright died ??st December 1928, in her 34th year.. Intered here 4th January 1929..   

47. In Memory of William Irving, Farmer, Mouswald, Townfoot, who died 6th February 1864 aged 69 years.. Also Agnes Nicholson, wife of the above, who died at 16 Queen's Place, Dumfries, 7th November 1881 aged 69 years.. And of George Irving, son of the above also Farmer in Mouswald, Townfoot, who died there on 9th July 1909 aged 78 years.. And of Elspeth Dobie, wife of the above George Irving, who died at Valleyfield, Castle Douglas, 27th May 1932 aged 76 years..   

48. In memory of Mary Irving, spouse to William Bell, Mouswald Place, who died 3rd February 1814 aged 68 years..   

49. In Memory of Mary Grierson only daughter of Richard Grierson who died at Woodside, 15th May 1876 aged 35 years.. Also the above Richard Grierson who died at Woodside 25th Nov 1897 aged 82 years.. Also Janet Dickson, his wife who died at Oxgang Lodge 29th Oct 1903 aged 88 years.. Also Thomas Grierson, youngest son of the said Richard Grierson, who died at Old Road, Collin, 31st July 1916 aged 63 years.. (many thanks to Michael Dickson, Australia for this inscription)  

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