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Rigg Cemetery

01. In Memory of James Clark, dearly beloved husband of Jane Inglis, who died at Rigg, 14th June 1936, aged 59yrs.. Also the above Jane Inglis, who died 18th Oct 1960, aged 77yrs..

02. In Memory of my beloved husband Thomas Clark, shoemaker, who died at Thistle Cottage, Rigg, 14th April 1919, aged 54yrs.. And Isabella Irving, his wife, who died at Thistle Cottage, Rigg, 14 Dec 1922, aged 45 yrs..

03. In Memory of Mary Thompson, wife of John Clark, Springfield, Gretna, who died at Dumfries, 2nd July 1913, aged 47yrs.. Also the above John Clark, who died at Springfield, Gretna, 13th March 1946, aged 80yrs..

04. In Memory of a dear husband Alan Ronald Malcolm McLean, who died 16th January 1965 aged 44 years.. Also his beloved wife Helen Mathieson Miller, who died 11th July 1995 aged 75 years..

05. In loving Memory of Elizabeth Graham beloved wife of Francis Clark, who died at 2 Springfield, Gretna, 29th December 1933 aged 33 years.. Also Thomas their son, who died 8th February 1902 aged 5 weeks.. Also the above Francis Clark, who died at 2 Springfield, Gretna, 13th May 1946 aged 74 years.. Also their daughter Georgina, who died at 2 Springfielf, Gretna, 22nd September 1981 aged 82 years..

06. In Loving Memory of my dear husband George Scott Birchill, who died at Dumfries Hospital on the 22nd November 1956 aged 59 years.. Also his wife Mary Isabella Moffat, who died at 4 Old Graitney on the 18th March 1966 aged 69 years.. Also Walter their son, who died at Lochmaben Hospital an the 15th September 1972 aged 40 years..

07. In Memory of Francis Clark, beloved husband of Jean Johnstone, Springfield, Gretna, who died 31st March 1972 aged 72 years.. Also the above Jean Johnstone who died 14th February 1987.. Also Francis Clark son of the above who died 16th May 1992 aged 66 years.. "Peace, Perfect Peace"  

08. In Memory of William McLean, beloved husband of Isabella Irving, who died at Cumberland Infirmary, 19th February 1924 aged 66 years.. Also of his wife Isabella Irving, who died at Fern Cottage, Springfield, 6th April 1927 aged 74 years..

09. In Loving Memory of my beloved husband James Cartner, merchant, Gretna Green, who died 1st October 1919 aged 66 years.. Also Mary Clark his wife, who died at Headless Cross, Gretna Green, 14th February 1927 aged 73 years.. Also Olive Teresa their daughter, who died 16th April 1964.. Also their daughter Florence (Flo) Jessie, beloved wife of Alexander Neville, who died at Ashlea, Gretna Green, 19th June 1964.. Also her beloved husband Alexander Neville, who died 9th February 1967..

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