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St Kentigerns Cemetery

01. John Johnston, in Middleshaw, who died 3rd July 1775, age 63yrs.. Margaret Irving, his spouse, died 12th Dec 1762, age 40yrs.. Also John Johnston, his son, died at Woodhead of Murryaythwaite, 26th Nov 1832, age 87yrs.. Also Grizel Johnston, his spouse, died 21st May 1836, age 78yrs.. [on reverse of stone],.. Also Mary Johnston, grand-daughter of the above and fourth daughter of the late John Johnston, Farmer, Woodhead, died at Fostermeadow Foot, Dalton, 22nd Jan 1899, age 71yrs..

02. Elizabeth Bell, spouse to John Johnston, in Howelside, she died at Woodhead of Murraythwaite, 12th April 1799, age 84yrs.. And Agnes Johnston, their daughter and spouse to John Kirkpatrick, in Bush who died 10th Dec 1822, age 62yrs..

03. Robert Dalziel, died at Ecclefechan, 19th Dec 1888, age 76yrs.. Elspeth Irving, wife of the above Robert Dalziel, died at Ecclefechan, 28th Feb 1898, age 84yrs.. Also Jane Dalziel, their daug, died at Ecclefechan, 12th Oct 1913, age 69yrs.. And Mary Airey, wife of George Dalziel, died 8th May 1921, age 59yrs.. Also the above George Dalziel, died at Carlyle Place, Ecclefechan, 18th Aug 1935, age 85yrs.. Also George Irving, died at Knockburn, 20th Jan 1849, age 65yrs..
And Jane Blacklock, wife of the above George Irving, died at Ecclefechan, 9th June 1875, age 79yrs..

04. Here lyes John Johnston, son to William Johnston, in Littlewhat, who died 28th April 1752, age 18yrs.. Also Mary Graham, wife of William Johnston, of Littlewhat who died 27th April 1771, aged 51yrs..

05. In Memory of Janet, James and Margaret Johnston, son and daughters of William Johnston, in Ecclefechan, Janet died 19th June 1770, age 1yr and 2mths, James died 21st April 1777, age 8yr and 3mths, Margaret died 12th Sept 1789, in her 19th year of life.. And the above William Johnston, who died 17th Feb 1813, age 67yrs..

06. In Memory of Edward Jonas Brook, who passed away at Hoddom Castle, 17th July 1924, age 59yrs..

07. In Memory of Jessie Elizabeth Bell-Irving, wife of Edward Jonas Brook of Hoddom, who passed away 30th Aug 1940..

08. In Memory of Jean Irving, daug of John Irving in Bowhill, who died 30th Jan 1810, age 18yrs.. And the said John Irving, who died at Uppermains, 14th April 1821, age 63yrs.. Also Janet Irving, his daug, who died 3rd April 1821, age 18yrs..

09. Here on the right hand lyes John Calvert, of Pellethill, who departed this life on 14th March 1736, age 75yrs.. Also, on the left hand lyes Jean Calvert, his spouse, she died 24th May 1732, age 70yrs.. erected by their son John Calvert.. Here lyes the said John Calvert, of Pellethill, he died 3rd July 1751, age 53yrs..

10. Here lyes George Johnson, who died 23rd Jan 1747.. And Elizabeth Minto, his spouse, who died 4th Feb 1776, age 66yrs..

11. Here lyes James Graham Milner, of Hoddom Miln, who dyed 7th Nov 1745, age 70yrs.. And Janet Little, his spouse, who died 5th April 1782, age 82yrs..

12. In Memory of George Rae, of Hoddom town, who died 6th June 1763, age 45yrs.. And Elizabeth Irving, his spouse, who died 12th Aug 1796, age 82yrs.. Also George Rae, of Kirklands, their son, who died 11th July 1835, age 79yrs.. And Mary Carruthers, his spouse, who died 5th March 1845, age 70yrs..

13. In Memory of William Murray, in Hoddom town, who died 21st Sept 1786, age 74yrs.. Also Janet Irving, his spouse, who died 16th Sept 1765, age 60yrs..

14. Here lyes John Short schoolmaster in Hoddam, who departed this life 7th February 1707 aged 60 years.. And Helen Wilson his spouse, who departed this life 12th December 1717 aged 63 years.. (Death did come in by loathsome sin, but Christ for all, did die. And into those who knew him close, he gives the Victory.)   

15. In Memory of Joseph Maxwell, who died at Upper Burnside, 17th April 1895 aged 65 years.. Also Ann Scott his wife, who died at Burnside, 6th November 1905 aged 77 years.. Also Mary, eldest daughter of the above Joseph Maxwell, who died at Sunnybank, Ecclefechan, 8th July 1926 aged 76 years..

16. In Memory of Peter Graham farmer, Howdale, who died in Edinburgh 7th January 1897 aged 74 years.. Also Mary his eldest daughter and wife of James Davidson, who died at Maywood, Indiana, U.S.A. 16th May 1887 aged 34 years.. Also Elizabeth Dixon his wife, who died at Howdales, 19th May 1904 aged 75 years.. Also Jane, daughter of the above who died at Ecclefechan, 12th April 1944 aged 91 years..

17. Here lyes Margaret Irving, daughter to Walter Irving in Longshaw, who died 15th April 1734 aged 28 years..

18. In Memory of Andrew Little in Overbogside, who died 23rd January 1788 aged 80 years.. Also Helen Little his daughter, who died 24th August 1772 aged 46 years.. Also Helen McNay his spouse, who died 25th March 1811 aged 82 years.. And Jannet Little their daughter, who died at Shawbrea 1st May 1824 aged 59 years.. Also William Little their son, who died at Shawbrea 27th June 1823 aged 62 years..

19. In Memory of James Bell, late farmer in Gillhall, Cummertrees, who died 5th March 1849 aged 33 years.. Also John William Bell his son, who died at Waughslee on the 7th November 1862 aged 21 years.. Also John Irving who died at Gullielands, 12th August 1894 aged 57 years, Son-in-law of the above James Bell.. And Jessie Bell, wife of the above John Irving who died there 10th January 1902 aged 58 years..

20. Here lyes John Little in Overbogside, he died March 7th 1725 aged 59 years.. Also Janet Little his spouse, she died April 17th 1765.......... (rest of stone unreadable)   

21. In Memory of George Bell, Parochial Schoolmaster of Hundergarth, who died 16th May 1829 aged 52 years.. Also Mary Currie his wife, who died 15th October 1842 aged 45 years.. Also Mary Bell their granddaughter and daughter of William Bell Schoolmaster at Gair, who died 8th July 1871 aged 25 years.. Also the above William Bell, who died at Gair, 23rd December 1879 aged 60 years.. Also Christina Bell his daughter, who died at Wamphray Schoolhouse, 5th April 1881 aged 17 years.. the rest of the stone is unreadable.   

22. In Memory of Mary Ewart spouse of William Robertson of Burnside, who departed this life the 15th December 1859 aged 70 years.. Also Sarah Ewart, who died at Burnside on the 31st October 1865 aged 64 years.. The above William Robertson died at Burnside on the 12th March 1870 aged 81 years..

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