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Tinwald Cemetery

  • Aitken - 02
  • Dalziel - 02
  • Hyslop - 01
  • McBurnie - 02
  • McLean - 02
  • McMillan - 01
  • Muir - 02

01. In Memory of William Hyslop, who died at Hillhead, Tinwald 12th Feb 1897, age 65yrs.. And Sarah McMillan, his spouse, died Hillhead, Tinwald, 27th May 1873, age 87yrs.. Also John Hyslop, who died at Shaws, 19th March 1833, age 13yrs.. Also Robert Hyslop, died Pumphland, 25th May 1843, age 29yrs.. Also William Hyslop, who died at Hillhead 2nd Dec 1843, age 24yrs.. Sons of the above William Hyslop..   

02. In Memory of John Aitken, Shoemaker, who died at Stone, Parish of Colvend 9th July 1791, age 33yrs.. Also Jean McBurnie, his spouse, died at Goldielea 2nd Dec 1833, age 73yrs.. And of William and Janet, their children who died in infancy.. (On Reverse of stone). In Memory of Margaret Muir, wife of James Aitken, Gardener, who died at Goldielea 7th Jan 1844, age 73yrs.. Also James Aitken, Gardener, died at Cresswell, Dumfries, 10th June 1856 age 67yrs.. Also James Aitken, son of James Aitken, who died at Shankfoot of Goldielea, 23rd March 1844, age 7yrs.. Also Mary Aitken, who died 17th Aug 1844, age 5yrs.. Also Margaret McLean, wife of above James Aitken, who died at Dumfries, 17th Jan 1895, age 82yrs.. And Mary Dalziel, wife to James Muir, of Tinwald who died 6th Jan 1809, age 76yrs.. Also said James Muir, died 9th May 1813, age 80yrs.. Also Robert John Muir, their son, who died at Kirkland 11th Sept 1840, age 79yrs..   

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