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Torthorwald Cemetery

  • Bell - 06
  • Grierson - 02
  • Johnston - 01
  • Kerr - 06
  • McGeorge - 04
  • McAllister - 07
  • McMillan - 03 - 04 - 05 - 07
  • Reid - 06
  • Tweedie - 01 - 02 - 06
  • Wilson - 05

01. In memory of John Tweedie, died at Collin, 27th May 1814, age 25yrs..Also Samuel Tweedie, his son, died in infancy.. Also Janet Tweedie, his daug, died in infancy.. And Mary Tweedie, his mother, died 8th July 1813, age 54yrs.. Also Janet Johnston, his spouse, died at Racks, 16th April 1850, age 58yrs..

02. In memory of Bridget Grierson, wife of Robert Tweedie, Torthorwald who died there 27th April 1885, age 67yrs.. Also William Tweedie, their son who died 22nd June 1859, age 8 and a half years.. Also William Tweedie, their son who died in Queensland, 12th Feb 1886, age 24yrs.. Also of the above Robert Tweedie, who died at Cresswell Lodge, Dumfries, 21st Oct 1888, age 65yrs..

03. In Loving Memory of William (Wullie) McMillan, 3 Castleview Terrace, Torthorwald, beloved husband of Peg McClymont, died 31st May 1997, age 81yrs.. Dear Dad, Father-in-Law and Papa..

04. In Loving Memory of Yvonne, beloved daug of Robert and Stewart McGeorge, who died 31st May 1949, age 7yrs.. Also John, their beloved son, died 30th May 1956, age 2yrs.. Also the above Robert McGeorge, died 27th Feb 1982, age 69yrs.. Also Stewart H.C. (Tottie) McMillan, beloved wife of the above, died 31st May 1990, age 72yrs..

05. In Loving Memory of David Wilson, beloved husband of Janet McMillan, 5 Rokele Drive, who died 25th November 1983, aged 70 years..

06. In Memory of Walter Bell, who died at Racks, 25th Jan 1898, age 88yrs.. Also Agnes Tweedie, his wife, who died at Racks, 16th Dec 1887, age 76yrs.. And of John Bell, son of Walter Bell, who died at Racks, 1st Jan 1848, age 9yrs.. Also Jean Bell, his daug, died 5th Oct 1848, age 3yrs 3mths.. Also Robert Reid, his son-in-law, who died at New Orleans, the 11th May 1878, age 29yrs.. And Martha Bell, his daug and wife of R. Reid, who died at Racks, 14th Oct 1878, age 29yrs.. And Thomas Bell, son of Walter Bell, who died at Racks, 19th Oct 1881, age 45yrs.. Also John Bell, son of Walter Bell, who died at Racks, 20th March 1908, age 60yrs.. Also Martha Kerr, wife of the above John Bell, died at Racks 16th Feb 1928, age 76yrs..

07. In Loving Memory of James McMillan, beloved husband of Agnes McAllister, died 10th June 1969, age 78yrs.. Also Agnes McAllister, beloved wife of above, died 3rd Oct 1974, age 75yrs..

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