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Balmaghi Cemetery

  • Chesney - 01
  • Coltart - 03
  • Hannah - 02
  • Herries - 04
  • Ireland - 03
  • MacMillan - 02
  • McMillan - 01
  • Palmer - 04

01. To the Memory of William McMillan, Merchant, in Castle Douglas, who died there 3rd November 1824, aged 76yrs.. Also Elizabeth Chesney, his wife, who died 16th July 1846, aged 76yrs.. Also Samuel, their son, who died 24th February 1807, aged 18yrs..

02. In Memory of Jane Milligan, spouse of Alexander MacMillan, in Castle Douglas, who died the 1st August 1824, aged 62yrs.. Also of the said Alexander MacMillan, who died the 18th May 1838, aged 78yrs.. And of Samuel MacMillan, their son, who died the 8th August 1843, aged 48yrs.. Also Margaret Hannah, his spouse, who died the 27th May 1843, aged 36yrs.. And Margaret, their daug, who died the 13th February 1851, aged 19yrs.. Also Mary, their daug, who died the 22nd November 1854, aged 26yrs.. Also Anna, their daug, who died the 11th May 1856, aged 26yrs..

03. Erected by Margaret Ireland, in Memory of her husband Joseph Coltart, who died at Cassaylands, Maxwelltown, the 7th June 1854, aged 72yrs.. Also the said Margaret Ireland, who died at Maxwelltown the 12th June 1868, aged 92yrs..

04. In Memory of William Herries who died at Glenlochan Bridge, 27th April 1817 aged 28 years.. Also Janet Palmer his wife, who died at Abbeyyard, 18th February 1835 aged 42 years..

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