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Castle Douglas Cemetery - Kirkcudbrightshire - Scotland UK

  • Austin - 04
  • Callander - 03
  • Derby - 07
  • Ferguson - 01
  • Haining - 03
  • Hume - 06
  • Kentley - 02
  • McMillan - 01
  • Tweedie - 02 - 04 - 05 - 06

01. In Loving Memory of Sarah Ferguson, beloved wife of Alexander C. McMillan, who died 7th June 1946, aged 64yrs.. And of the above Alexander C. McMillan, who died 2nd November 1957, aged 81yrs..

02. In Loving Memory of Jessie, beloved daug of Hugh and Jessie Kentley, who died 1st june 1935, aged 36yrs.. Also Jessie Tweedie, wife of Hugh Kentley, who died 20th Jan 1951, aged 79yrs.. Also Hugh Kentley, who died 22nd Sept 1955, aged 80yrs..

03. In Memory of Mary Jane Callander, beloved wife of of Samual Haining, who died 29th Nov 1930, aged 47yrs..

04. In Loving Memory of Robert Coutts son of Robert and Sarah Tweedie, who died at Castle Douglas 12th February 1899 aged 19 years and 11 months.. Sleep on beloved Sarah wife of Robert Tweedie, who died at Castle Douglas 1st December 1917 aged 65 years.. Also the above Robert Tweedie who died in Castle Dougles, 5th June 1919 aged 69 years.. Also James his son and husband of Mary Jane Austin, who died at Castle Douglas 16th January 1939 aged 61 years.. Also William his son, who died at Castle Douglas 30th January 1948 aged 76 years.. Also the above Mary Jane Austin who died 11th October 1961 aged 86 years..

05. In Loving Memory of John Tweedie who died at Castle Douglas, 29th October 1927 aged 72 years.. Also Mary Tweedie his wife, who died 17th July 1928 aged 74 years.. Also Mary Agnes their sweet daughter who died 24th February 1929 aged 46 years..

06. In Loving Memory of James Tweede who died at Castle Douglas, 1st June 1918 in his 62nd year, Sadley missed.. Also Jane Hume his wife who died 31st March 1933 in her 67th year..

07. In Loving Memory of Robert Derby who died at Kilness, Castle Douglas, 22nd July 1941 aged 63 years.. Also Elizabeth Tweedie Derby wife of the above who died at Lochmaben Hospital, 9th October 1999 aged 89 years..

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