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Crossmichael Cemetery

  • Callander - 03 - 04
  • Halliday - 04
  • Kelly - 03
  • McMillan - 02
  • Milligan - 02
  • Mitchell - 04
  • Tweedie - 01

01. In Loving Memory of William, only son of George and Jessie Tweedie, Sandfield, accidently drowned in River Dee, 7th August 1941, aged 11yrs.. Also the above George Tweedie, who died 26th May 1971, aged 68yrs.. Also the above Jessie Tweedie, who died 29th April 1989, aged 81yrs..

02. Treasured Memories of James Milligan, much loved Father and Papa, died 18th May 1995, aged 90yrs, beloved husband of Mary McMillan..

03. In Loving Memory of Thomas Kelly, who died 4th August 1988, aged 75 yrs.. dearly loved Husband of Margaret Callander..

04. In Memory of William son of Ebenezer Callander, Blacksmith, Clarebrand, who died 29th Dec 1846, aged 4yrs and 6mths.. Also the above Ebenezer Callander, for 30yrs Blacksmith in Clarebrand, died at Dumfries, 3rd Dec 1891, aged 77yrs.. Also Jane Mitchell, his wife, who died at Clarebrand, 19th January 1894.. Also Walter Callander, infant son of Hugh Callander, who died at Clarebrand, 15th January 1894.. Also the above Hugh Callander, youngest son of Ebenezer Callander, who died at Knockvennie, 5th Nov 1939, aged 81yrs.. Jane Halliday, beloved wife of the above who died at Knockvennie, 29th Dec 1954, aged 91yrs.. Janet, their eldest daughter, who died 18th Feb 1966, aged 73yrs..

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