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Kirkgunzeon Cemetery

  • Barclays - 01
  • Coltart - 03 - 04
  • Herries - 02
  • Kennan - 03
  • McMillan - 01
  • Weir - 04

01. In Memory of Ann McMillen, spouse to James Barclays, who died 14th April 1795, aged 38yrs.. Also Ann Barclay, their daug, who died in December 1802, aged 9yrs.. Also James Barclays, who died 6th November 1832, aged 79yrs..

02. Here Lyes the body of Robert Herries, son to William Herries, in Connivein, who died 16th October 1762, aged 29yrs.. Also in Memory of Alex Herries, who died in Dalbeattie, 15th February 1827, aged 78yrs..

03. In Affectionate Rememberance of James Coltart, who died 26th Nov 1872, aged 85yrs.. Also of Agnes Coltart, his wife, who died 6th Jan 1875, aged 75yrs.. Also Marion Coltart, wife of John Kennan, fell asleep 1st Nov 1912, aged 73yrs.. Also the above John Kennan, who died 1st Nov 1923, aged 83yrs..

04. In Loving Memory of James Coltart, who died at Dumfries Infirmary, 25th June 1948.. And Jane T. Weir, dearly loved wife of the above, who died at 6 Station Road, 21st April 1948..

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