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Kirkpatrick Durham Cemetery

01. In Memory of Thomas McMillan who died April 1805, aged 75yrs.. Elizabeth Osburn, his spouse who died 26th May 1818, aged 82yrs.. Mary McMillan, their daug, who died 17th January 1810, aged 37yrs.. Catherine McMillan, their daug, who died 26th May 1819, aged 60yrs.. Eliza McMillan, their grandduag, who died 8th November 1824, aged 14yrs.. Isabella McMillan, who died 22nd January 1847, aged 69yrs..

02. Sacred to the Memory of James McMillan, who died at Corsehill, Kirkpatrick Durham, 17th December 1861, aged 85yrs.. Also Janet McMinnies, his wife, who died 31st January 1857, aged 72yrs.. Also Isabella their daug, who died 21st May 1859, aged 36yrs.. Also Alexander their son, who died in Castle Douglas, 27th December 1868, aged 50yrs.. Also Marion their daug, who died 9th May 1887, aged 50yrs..

03. Loving Rememberance of Alexander McMillan, beloved wife of Jessie Hansley Ferguson, who died at Midpark Bridge, 1st March 1929, aged 50yrs..

04. Sacred to the Memory of Samuel McMillan, of Ipswich, who died at E????? Park, 3rd Dec 1851 aged 55yrs.. (an affectionate husband and loving father), Also Robert McMillan, his brother, who died at March Banks, 31st Dec 1833.. And of Mary McMillan, their sister, who died at Burry St Edmonds, 2nd Jan 1831.. Also Joanna Hughes, spouse to the Samuel McMillan, who died at ????? ??????, 10th April 1810 aged 35yrs..

05. Erected by James McMillan, to the Memory of his father John McMillan, who died at Ryedall, 11th June 1809, aged 66yrs.. Also Margaret Coltart, his spouse, who died at Kirkpatrick Village, June 1840, aged 83yrs.. Also of Elizabeth and Janet, their children, who died in Infancy.. Also the said James McMillan, who died on the 20th April 1860..

06. In Memory of Robert McMillan, who died at Newbank, 8th April 1853, aged 77yrs... Also Elizabeth Locke, widow of the above Robert McMillan, who died at Newbank, 27th August 1867, aged 80yrs.. Also of Elizabeth, daug of John McMillan, who died at Halketlaeths, 16th August 1866, aged 31yrs.. Also the said John McMillan, who died at Halketlaeths, 15th June 1882, aged 72yrs.. Also Janet Milligan, his wife, who died at Trueman Place, Castle Douglas, 30th Nov 1892, aged 82yrs..

07. In Loving Memory of Janet McMillan, who died 18th July 1815, aged 1yr, daug to Robert McMillan and Elizabeth Locke, in Newbank.. Also Elizabeth McMillan, their daug, who died 13th Nov 1819, aged 16yrs.. Also Robert McMillan, their son, who died 25th Sept 1835, aged 17yrs.. Also Alexander Laurie, their grandson, who died at Newbank, 28th April 1839, aged 7yrs..

08. In Memory of Sophia McCartney, who died at Kirkpatrick Village, on the 30th Dec 1854, aged 3 months.. Also of James McCartney, who died on 2nd Oct 1838, aged 7 days.. Also of Jannet McMillan, Spouse of George McCartney, who died at Hole House, on the 17th March 1875 in the 51st year of her life.. Also of John McCartney, their son, who died 30th April 1878, aged 22yrs.. Also of Elizabeth Locke McCartney, their daug, who died 20th June 1880, aged 20yrs.. Also the said George McCartney, who died at Hole House, 1st August 1893, aged 76yrs..

09. In Memory of of Elisabeth McMillan, Spouse of Thomas Ferguson, who died April 1813, aged 25yrs.. Also their son David, who died 2nd Nov 1808, aged 15 months.. Also David Ferguson, son of the said Thomas Ferguson, and Margaret Grieve, who died June 1819, aged 6 months.. Also of Elizabeth, their daug, who died March 1824, aged 2yrs 9 months.. Also of Mounsey Grieve, their son, who died July 1836, aged 1yr and 6mths.. Also Thomas Ferguson, died 29th March 1849, aged 67yrs.. Also Margaret Grieve, spouse of the above, who died 15th July 1857, aged 71yrs..

10. In Memory of Peggy McMillan, daughter to Edward McMillan, Farmer in Whitecairn, who died 15th October 1805 aged 2 years..

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