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Lochrutton Cemetery

  • Carson - 02
  • Charters - 02
  • McCubbing - 04
  • McMillan - 01 - 02
  • Nichol - 03
  • Tweedie - 03 - 04

01. In Memory of Elizabeth McMillan, spouse to John McMillan, died at Maxwelltown, 7th February 1855, age 65yrs.. Also Robert, their son, died 9th May 1845, age 8yrs.. Also Isabella, their daug, died 9th May 1846, age 22yrs.. Also James, their son, died 30th August 1847, age 22yrs.. Also Ann, their daug, died 11th June 1848, age 19yrs.. Also Jean, their daug, died 3rd April 1862, age 32yrs.. Also the said John McMillan, died at Maxwelltown, 7th February 1864, age 74yrs..

02. In Memory of James Charters, died Fell of Orr, 16th January 1811, age 65yrs.. Also Jannet Carson, his spouse who died at Crocketford of Urr, 18th June 1821, age 74yrs.. Also James Charters, their son died at Glenhead of Irongray 24th August 1809, age 22yrs.. Also Jean McMillan, spouse to William Charters, who died at Crocketford, 8th July 1827, age 30yrs..

03. In Loving Memory of James Nichol, died at Moat, 18th January 1920, age 64yrs.. Also Jessie Tweedie, wife of the above died at Lettrick Cottage, Dunscore, 21st June 1929, in her 70th year..

04. In Loving Memory of John McCubbing, late of Kissock, Beeswing, beloved husband of Maimie Tweedie, died 23rd September 1970, age 67yrs.. Also the above Maimie Tweedie, died 31st October 1986, age 78yrs..

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